Restaurant Manager Maastricht

Job description

Are you passionate about hospitality and do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Do you want to manage our restaurant by motivating and coordinating a team? Then this job opening could be for you!

Key responsibilities

  • You are the real Baveteer and the ambassador of our concept. You live and breathe our values and ensure everyone in your team does too.
  • Coming to Bavet is having a friendly and memorable customer experience! Customer centricity is your daily mission. You make sure you transfer your energy and customer centricity attitude to your entire team.
  • You’re a role model and leader who makes friends on both sides of the table. You train, inspire and motivate your team and create a real Bavet community. It’s in your blood to strive for a perfect balance between the perfect service, optimizing productivity and creating a positive and enthusiastic vibe in your team.
  • Every day you learn and work towards improvements. The environment of Bavet is one in constant motion. Your goal is every day to do a little bit better than the day before.
  • Friends trust each other. You foster an environment of trust and give your team members enough freedom to develop themselves by encouraging, coaching and guiding them. You empower your team to go beyond the customer expectations.
  • You are responsible for the daily operational management of your restaurant. Together with your team, you’re responsible for the orders, deliveries and optimal management of your stock, administration and inventory.
  • Safety and cleanliness are our priority! You respect the legislation and enforce internal policies concerning food safety, safety in general and cleanliness.
  • You understand your P&L, mystery guest reports, fast checks, hygiene reports, KPI’s, productivity, labour cost reporing. Every day you strive for constant improvement.

What’s in it for you?

  • A full-time contract with variable schedule that you put together yourself
  • Growth opportunities in a young and dynamic company
  • An attractive salary package with the necessary extra benefits
  • And of course, being part of the unbelievably awesome Bavet-family!

Job requirements

  • You’re a born HOST and teamplayer!
  • You have previous experience in hospitality in a managing role
  • You are enthusiastic, dynamic and positive
  • You have a strong dose of people skills, are social and have great communication skills
  • Stress gives you butterflies and is far from a problem for you, because of your organized and structured mindset you can steer everything in the right direction